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SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014 at Warren Civic Center. 

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About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery. It is the second largest criminal industry in the world. Around the country, and in Michigan, men, women and children are forced into prostitution, domestic servitude and other labor for little or no pay.  This problem has gone unnoticed because traffickers use force, fraud and coercion to hide their victims in the shadows. Our Constitution’s 13th Amendment guarantees that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist.  It is estimated each year between 100,000 and 300,000 children in the United States are at high risk of commercial sexual exploitation; 48 states have seen elements of trafficking.  Trafficking victims, particularly those enslaved in the sex industry, are found nationwide in urban, suburban and rural settings. 

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Our Work

The BBUMC Church & Society committee is working to make this issue known.  This website exists to provide information, education and resources regarding Human Trafficking in Michigan and nationwide.  To get involved in the fight against modern day slavery, please contact any of the committee members at the link above.  

Below is a 2012 video produced in conjunction with the Manasseh Project in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  It provides a glimpse of the magnitude of this problem in (west) Michigan.  The problem is,...Closer than you think.  Upon clicking, you will be redirected to before being able to watch.  Thank you.